About Me & the Site

About Me

My name is Tessa. I am a Midlander, once a Londoner, now living alone in the heart of England. A mother, a survivor and a shopper. Pensionista.co.uk is about life over seventy. It is dedicated to my mother Mary.

About the Site

Pensionista  is a three-part perspective on living alone in much-later life and one of the biggest adventures of the 21st century – growing older in your own way. 

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Like most creative endeavours, Pensionista is also a way of reaching out – and I hope, connecting with – other people.

The core part is a collection of essays in short story form, which follow a train of thought…all inspired by  personal experience of real events or conversation.

Notes from the Diary, posted weekly, belong to a familiar, more traditional genre, but in distilled form. The focus on the mundane or routine is deliberate, because everyday incidents or encounters with the inanimate are subjects in themselves and often neglected – but fun to write about!

In the Basket, the third page – is the monthly, maverick bit: a selective list of the items that find their way into one woman’s shopping bag or trolley. It may – or may not – amount to a micro-narrative of its own.



Visit lichfieldlive.co.uk to find Tessa’s Diary – a series of posts this spring, now complete, in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Or just google Tessa’s Diary.

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5 thoughts on “About Me & the Site

  1. Hello Tessa, we last met on Derby station. Just wanted you to know I like this very much. I have affinity with the cruise!


  2. Hi Tessa . Once again I so enjoyed reading both your diary and the latest piece ,
    Vermin !! We also have loads of mice around that attack our house at certain times, particularly when it’s cold and they fancy somewhere warm and cosy. I am afraid we use old fashioned methods to sort them out, cruel but effective.


  3. Hi Tessa, Found your blog quite randomly. Something about it is just so reassuring. Thank you for sharing it. I am a 50 year old woman living in Vancouver.


    1. Anita, thank you for your comment, though I wonder about the ‘reassuring’! Do appreciate feedback received as it is in some ways a new style of writing. Best wishes, Tessa.


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