About Me

My name is Tessa. I am a Londoner, now living alone in the heart of England. A mother, a survivor and a shopper. Pensionista.co.uk is about life over seventy. It is dedicated to my mother Mary.  New – weekly notes from the diary…

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garden profile picture
In the Garden, again – 2018
Warsaw – 2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera
In the Garden – 2014

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tessa . Once again I so enjoyed reading both your diary and the latest piece ,
    Vermin !! We also have loads of mice around that attack our house at certain times, particularly when it’s cold and they fancy somewhere warm and cosy. I am afraid we use old fashioned methods to sort them out, cruel but effective.


  2. Hi Tessa, Found your blog quite randomly. Something about it is just so reassuring. Thank you for sharing it. I am a 50 year old woman living in Vancouver.


    1. Anita, thank you for your comment, though I wonder about the ‘reassuring’! Do appreciate feedback received as it is in some ways a new style of writing. Best wishes, Tessa.


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