New! A Year of Age-less Tips….

This isn’t advice from a fashion and beauty expert, but ideas that help me face the world and my own image… Will generally appear between the 7th -10th of the month.

October, 2020

Wear a fossil, perhaps on a pendant. The average ammonite is millions of years old, which puts human ageing into perspective! T.X

November, 2020

Add something unexpected to your outfit. Like a gilet over, not under, your coat – or 2 scarves worn together. Or your best pearls with your go-to jeans….though diamonds would do. T.X

December, 2020

Butter your knees! If they’re starting to resemble an elephant’s, use a scrub first on and around the area, wash off, then apply a rich cream or body butter. Once a month, more often in summer. T.X

January, 2021

Lift a lockdown-grey day – with colour. Pink, cream, yellow and lilac – in shades suited to your skin and character – worn above the waist, will reflect light up and around you….T.X

February, 2021

Play with perfume. Spray it, not on your skin, but above and around you, then walk through the mist. Or on to the ends of a scarf – so the scent drifts up during the day. Wearing two different scents together, but on different parts of the body, can create an interesting effect….T.X

March, 2021

Treat your hands to a deep-cream – and some messy play. Exfoliate lightly first – if you’re out of regular scrub, try used coffee grounds… Smother on the hand-cream, wait a bit, pop on some disposable gloves, then do the washing-up in hot water – which helps the cream sink in. Forearms are often forgotten; hand-cream should go up to the elbows too…. T. X

April, 2021

The versatile Vs with 100s of uses. A few favourites:

A little cider vinegar in warm, boiled water first thing will set the metabolism in motion; a dash of white wine vinegar in the rinsing water after shampooing will re-balance the hair and add shine.

Vaseline, invented in 1859, is great for minor cuts but also – softens cuticles and removes mascara while conditioning the lashes. Applied to pulse-points before perfume, it will make the scent last longer. A spot on the end of a make-up pencil will help it glide on more smoothly – and, as ‘lip therapy’, the wonder jelly comes in rose and cocoa butter ‘flavours’… T.X