New! Anti-Ageing Tip of the Month

This isn’t advice from a fashion and beauty expert, but ideas that help me face the world and my own image… Will generally appear between the 7th -10th of the month.

October, 2020

Wear a fossil, perhaps on a pendant. The average ammonite is millions of years old, which puts human ageing into perspective!

November, 2020

Add something unexpected to your outfit. Like a gilet over, not under, your coat – or 2 scarves worn together. Or your best pearls with your go-to jeans….though diamonds would do.

December, 2020

Butter your knees! If they’re starting to resemble an elephant’s, use a scrub first on and around the area, wash off, then apply a rich cream or body butter. Once a month, more often in summer.

January, 2021

Lift a lockdown-grey day – with colour. Pink, cream, yellow and lilac – in shades suited to your skin and character – worn above the waist, will reflect light up and around you….