My passport is out of date. So one of this week’s highlights will be the filling in of a renewal form and a visit to the Post Office, then a sitting in a small booth with curtains. A little queuing of course, but it’s the photograph that’s the hard part. The camouflage kit will help – creamy concealer for the shadows and little lipliner to bring the mouth out of obscurity. At least it’s forbidden to smile.

Not sure where the new passport will take a 70-plus pensionista. I don’t know where I am going with this. Except into the kitchen to lock the backdoor, then upstairs with a book.

My bed isn’t mine. Other people have slept here. It came with the fridge (and the washerdryer and a sofa), when I moved here 3 years ago to a 1940s house, built to last – to begin living alone.

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