A poem, for a change, and a message from me to you…


A frozen breath
trying to hold the new year back
for just one numberless moment –
to pause at a single frame of the story
between here and there
and gain a clear and separate space –
but December’s been demolished overnight
and January’s come at once
with its double-sided face –
like the pond in the park I’m walking in now,
frozen on one side but not the other.

The frost under my feet is white grass.
A duck tries to beat the ice back
under a bridal sky.

Then at last
the breath flies free
to meet the first day –
one undivided from any other,
the past still and always a bright shadow
over new ground endlessly broken.


….just to thank you for the interest in pensionista, which inspires me to continue and develop the site.  With every best wish for 2018 and far beyond.




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